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Our Team

Joey O'Hern

Joey O’Hern

Letter From The Director

I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your invaluable contributions to the ongoing success of the Chamber of Commerce. Our diverse range of programs and events throughout the past year have showcased the unwavering determination and camaraderie that define our Chamber. As we look ahead, our unwavering commitment remains steadfast in fostering a thriving and prosperous business community.

Whether you are a new member or haven't had the chance to join our events recently, I encourage you to step out and immerse yourself in our vibrant atmosphere. Our events radiate professionalism and vitality, serving as an inspiring backdrop. Take a moment to connect with our esteemed Board Members and dedicated staff, introduce yourself, and unlock the countless opportunities that await you. By actively engaging and staying connected, you contribute to the sustained success of our Chamber.

The Chamber serves as an exceptional platform for expanding networks, fostering business growth, and cultivating enduring professional and personal relationships. I wholeheartedly invite each of you to embrace the palpable energy, establish meaningful connections, and actively participate in this exceptional resource our community offers.

With great anticipation, I eagerly await the chance to cross paths with you throughout the year. Together, let us continue shaping a prosperous future for our Chamber and our community as a whole!


Missy Hartley

Missy Hartley

Lourdes Brooks

Lourdes Brooks